Run for Hospice Memorial Run/Walk
"Great event.  I was happy to see so many people come.  We plan to come again next year.  Great job by everyone who worked hard on this event!"

"The volunteers were awesome, I really appreciated having them at so many intersections.  The free taco was fun and I enjoyed the snacks.  This is a great event and the weather was fabulous!"

"Very heart warming Event. Loved the change in the race course. Band was good. My favorite part is the Baloon launch and loved that it was done prior to the race. Thanks for a great day filled with memories"

"This was my first year running and I thought it was excellent in every aspect! From the registration to the balloon release and the finish and band playing at the end. Great cause and a fun time!"

"Awesome race. I had so much fun. Well put together and with such great meaning. The food was amazing, the music was fun. The national anthem was spetacular and the ballon release was so moving. Great job"

"Wonderful event!!  Had a great time bonding with my daughter as we walked/talked about my mom/her grandma who passed away last year - so sad - but VERY special!!  Thank you - we will return!!"

"It was our family's first hospice run after losing our dad a couple of months ago, and we were all impressed and touched by the whole experience.  We'll definitely be back next year.  We are happy to give back"

"It was very organized with a good route for the 10 k course. We will participate in it again"

"This was the first time we have participated in this run.  We had numerous members of our family attend, ages 5 to 47.  Almost all of us ran in one of the events. We all had a great time. Having the bounce house and activities for the young kids while the older "kids" were running was perfect.  They could not wait to get their races going once ours was done.   Being able to honor our Dad / Grandpa was special. Your organizers and volunteers did a great job !"

"We have already added it to our calendar for next year -  keep up the great work !"
We take great pride in our event and hope you join us this year and have as great a time as  these participants have!
Mark & Kerry Fehrman
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